Fisio Estetica

Fisio Estetica

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The Fisioestética covers several aspects, not only the application of a treatment, But the physical activity, the psychological and aesthetic state of the people who Like to take care of their health and their corporal beauty. While preventive and educational Consists of the use of physical and manual means for the treatment of a Aesthetic problem that over time can trigger other types of pathologies in the organism.


The Germaine de Capuccini product line is a Spanish brand with a wide range of beauty products that guarantee the best results in the market. With Personalized treatments, adapting to the needs of each client.


To take care of the health of our clients with excellent treatments Which guarantee the best results on the market, in order to facilitate and Meet the needs of the overwhelmed people of daily living with so much stress, anxiety of our society and with the best humanitarian treatment.


Being a modern fisioestetic with excellent treatments and the best results Of the market guaranteeing an excellent treatment towards the client and in our services For the well-being of the health and the corporal beauty.


The target market of Our Fisioestetica is addressed to all those people who Are tired of the daily stress of our society and are looking for a Relaxation in a cozy place and with excellent treatments with results. Excellent for feeling and looking beautiful and healthy.


Privacy for our customers
Honesty, for our customers
Excellent customer service
Excellence and Transparency in all our services

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