Hospital Metropolitano

The Metropolitan Hospital is a medical alternative that combines excellent service, impeccable quality and an affordable price to the capacity of its users.

San Jose Headquarters

The Metropolitan Hospital is a medical alternative that combines excellent service, impeccable quality and an affordable price, to the capacity of its users. All this, together with its convenient locations, makes the Hospital Metropolitano a model that fully complies with its statements of SAFETY , QUALITY , ACCESSIBILITY and INNOVATION.

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20% discount on General Medicine consultation services.
10% discount consultation services with medical specialists
15% off clinical services and Clinical Laboratory.
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Address: 300 m south of the west side of La Merced Park. Calle 14, Avenida 8. (Medical Tower Metropolitan Hospital).  Click Here for a Map to our San Jose location.
Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday, 24 hours
Phone: +506 2521-9595
Email: [email protected]
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Dr. Roberto Herrera
Dr. Roberto Herrera Guido
Founding Partner and Medical Director
Dr. Roberto Herrera Guido is a Costa Rican doctor with a long history in private medicine in the country. His dedication for almost 20 years to the development of new forms of medical care has earned him important recognition both in our country and in international organizations.

He and his brother, Javier, decided in 2008 to undertake the task of equipping the middle class of the country – most Costa Ricans – with a medical alternative that combined excellent service, impeccable quality and an affordable price to the capacity of the users. All this together with a convenient location and a huge desire to innovate in health care and promotion programs.

The initiative echoed in the group of partners who gathered around a very solid business plan, led by Novita Capital. Between 2008 and 2009, market and planning studies were conducted aimed at finding the ideal hospital model that fully complies with the statements of SECURITY , QUALITY , ACCESSIBILITY and INNOVATION.

Once established, operations such as Hospital Metropolitano began in February 2010, and the first SURGERY was held on Monday, February 8, 2010. In August 2010, only 6 months after opening, GRUPO MONTECRISTO assumes control of the stock Of the center with a very clear financial vision and a feeling of social responsibility already traditional.

This addition adds to the Metropolitan Hospital essential ingredients to become the most successful Hospital in the country: operational experience and financial solidity. The MONTECRISTO GROUP provides all the administrative and financial management so that the Hospital will focus merely on the operation of the same.

In September 2012 the Tibás branch opened its doors, with the aim of strengthening the hospital’s mission to reach Costa Ricans in the country’s fastest growing urban areas, in order to solve their basic medical needs. We are very pleased to announce that in 2015 we have been in operation for 5 years. Always providing the best medicine at the best price.

Visit Us

Sede San José:
Telephone: +506 2521-9595
Hours: LD 24 hours

Headquarters Tibás:
Telephone: +506 2240-0800
Hours: LS 7am – 10pm

Clínica Herrera Amighetti:
Telephone: +506 2519-9696
Hours: LV 8am – 8pm

Headquarters Marina Pez Vela, Local # 206, Quepos:
Phone: +506 2519-9733
Hours: LS 8am – 6pm

Metropolitan Cancer Center:
Phone: +506 2521-9595, option # 3
Hours: LV 7am – 6pm

Cabo Velas, Centro Médico Metropolitano:
Phone: +506 4701-4947
Hours: LD 8am – 8pm – Availability of Emergency 24 Hours

Drs. Dent Sabana:
Phone: +506 2291-8888
Hours: Mon 8 am-7pm, S 8 am-3pm

Drs. Dent Escazú:
Telephone: +506 2291-8888
Hours: LV 8 am-5pm

Drs. Dent San Pedro
Phone: +506 2291-8888
Hours: LV 8 am-5pm, S 8 am-1pm
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Email: [email protected]

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